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so my boyfriend and i are fighting.??

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my boyfriend is mad and were arguing because i feel asleep on him last night and he got mad and started telling me stuff like that i only care about the baby and that im not even tired! so ok now all i wanna do is sleeep i feel so tired now he doesent understand! and he sleeep's all day and he txt's me at like 11 and he gets mad becasue im tired and i tell him its not my fault you sleeep all day and wake up at night! idk what to do he just dosent understand.?any advice.?

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Being young and pregnant is hard. It is hard to be pregnant anyway. You do not know what it is like until you are there and feel the changes in your own body. Your boyfriend needs to understand that times are going to change and life is going to be a lot different. If you are going to be getting up with the baby and taking care of it during the night you are going to need your sleep. You need to explain to him your in school and your body is growing another human being and needs rest at night. He may never understand because he is young. Hope it works out for you and him. Just try to talk without yelling or calling names. Try not to put blame on him or make him feel defensive. Explain what you are going through and how you are tired at night.
i know it is and i am because he is a very heavy sleeper and either way we don't live together so im the one that's going to be getting up with the baby at night,.. and i do tell him even his mom talked to him about it i tell him im tired i will talk to you tommorow morning and no he just start's yelling at me that i don't love him and that i don't care for him and i told him you finished school that's what im trying to do my parent's said i can live with him once i finish school, but he just dosent understand me even my mother in law told me i need as much rest as i can get but he wont let me at night im even scared to fall asleep because of how he will react!
The health of you and your baby depends on you getting sleep. No offence but teenages can be selfish and sometimes forget about other people feelings. He may not realize how much he is hurting you. Tell him I do love you and if you love me and the baby then let me get some sleep. Sleep is hard enough when you are pregnant you do not need him waking you.
i know my mother in law even tell's him leave her alone and let her and the baby go to sleep! he get's so angry and just walk's away,, he ignor's everything if it isn't his way it's no 1's way!! and i hate it! even his mom is more excited about this baby then him! yesturday i thought i was in labor he didn't wanna go! his mom came and stayed with me the whole time! and i do tell him that i need sleep because when the baby come's where not gonna get sleep! but, it's like he doesn't care at all nomore! and yeah he is selfish i can so agree with you on that he doesn't even wanna be in the room when i have the baby,

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