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So My Due Date's Right Around The Corner And.??

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sooo my due date's january 13th and im so nervous becasue im scared 2 give birth and all that im 16 and very nervous but happy.. well i dnt really have anything that much and and then well im like a month away and i have been gettingthese cramps really bad all day long and all night..and im also scared that i will give birth early is that possible.? and sometimes well most days my son will move like crazy and then for alike almost a hole day he wont move and im concerned about that.? what's wrong && could i possible have a miscarrige at 8 in ahalf month's..?:(

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The cramps are braxton hicks and they are preparing your body for the real thing soon to come. It is possible that you could give birth early. I had my first daughter when I was 16 and my water broke 3 weeks early. I ended up needing a C-section with her. At this point you would not have a miscarriage, it would be called a stillbirth. It is rare so dont stress too much about that. The most likely reason that the baby is not moving around some days, is that there isnt very much room for him to move around in. Relax and sleep as much as you can cause in a few short weeks you whole life is going to change. Hopefull you will be a responsible parent. What part of the country do u live in? There are teen parenting centers that provide support, classes, and some assist with baby items and food! Good luck
I know towards the end of my pregnancy with my son he would have moments where he would not move and I would get nervous and I would bend and poke and push my belly until he moved. Then he would kick and stretch for a long time and I would be like "What did I do?!" And some of the cramping could be your muscles and ligaments stretching some. Along with braxton hicks contractions. If you are really concerned call the doctors they have nurses that will talk to you and if they feel anything is really serious they will tell a doctor and they will talk to you. You should be having weekly doctor appointments anyway so make sure you let them know everything that is going on.
Ohh Okk Butt These Cramp's Are All Over My Belly Not Just On One Side..? && Is Still Birth Like A Miscarrige.? I Do Try && Relax && Sleep But Myy Step-Mom && Myy Dad DON'T Let Me!!! There Alway's Like Clean This Do That Go Get This && I Alway's Tell Them..Hello!! I Amm Tired!! && My Dad Say's He Don't Care && Then My Step-Mom's Alway's Like You Better Do What I Say Or Your Mom Can't Visit You!! && I Get Mad Because I Never Get 2 See My Mom:(''..&& I Will Be A Responsible Mom!! That I Can Promise!!..&& I Live In California && Really They Do..? Do You Know AnyWhere That I Can Go To Check It Out.?..&& -Sjvanderwey-&& I Do Call But They Never Anwser Me!! && Myy Belly Has Gooten A Wee Bitt Smaller:''( && I Go 2 The Hospital && They Say Nothing Is Wrong But In My Heart I Fell There Is..?
Your belly might be smaller because your baby is getting in position to deliver. They usually call it "dropping" Im in oregon and they have a place called insights, just google teen parent support in california. Still birth is where the baby dies before it is born. You cannot miscarry a baby this close to delivery because it would be able to survive if you gave birth now. But please do not worry about losing your baby. You will just stress yourself out and could go into early labor. Enjoy these last few weeks. If your parents are that bad have you thought about moving out or seeing if you can help elsewhere. Once you become a parent you are seen as an adult and could likely get help to get on your own if your parents are that bad.
Ohh Okk!..&& I Try Not 2 But My Dad && Step-Mom Don't Make It Easy Att All!!.. && I Amm;) I Have Tired My Mother N Law Has Even Offered 2 Take Me In..So I Can Live With My BoyFriend..But My Step-Mom Don't Let Me!! Which Make's Me Mad Because She's Not Even My Mom!! Even My Mom Want's Me && She Don't Let My Dad Let Me Go!

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