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So My Son Is 3 Month's Almost 4 This Month But..

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so my son's doing great going to be 4 month's already goes by so fast me and his dad are also doing great 1 year & 1 month together(: we have our little arguments but we work thru them! well what im trying to say because i havent been on for a good while well i have gotten really sick this last past month i was throwing up alot in so much pain from my back and my stomach so i went to the doctor wasn't pregnant and they did an ultrasound on me because i got really bad that i couldn't even sleep and it turn's out i have stone's!:( my kiddney's aren't doing to good i have to have my galbladder taken out so many thing's that's going on and happening to me good thing my mother in law and boyfriend help take care of the baby most of the time,.. well just thought i'd let you mommy's know i will be having surgery tommorow @ 1:45 in the afternoon! just thought i'd let you guy's know take care wish me luck!

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I hope your surgery goes well, Jess!
I hope your procedures go well and that you get better soon!
Thank You Mommy's I Really Appreciate It! But They Cancled My Surgery I Don't Know Why!! So I Have To Go In On The 9th And See When!!! Stones Really Hurt But Atleast I Can Still Take Care Of My Son Even Though Im In Pain Idc!!

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