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So, no sex is just the beginning...

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He doesnt even touch me, complains about everything I do, if I say Im fat and uncomfortable, he agrees that Im fat (called me big belly bertha the other day), he doesn't even say 'i love you' anymore, told me to quit my job and stay home and now complains about money all the time, complains that i dont cook enough, or that i cook too much, that i dont clean enough, or that i clean too much... I just cant win!!

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my husband has been weird to he wont kiss me all i get is a peck on the cheekie  like his mom he doesnt say i look good before he would always said hey hunny when he got home and now he says hey oceana he would always  say i looked beautiful now all i get is wow did you get fat while i was at work i think its because the are feeling different because were pregg  just try to rememberhe will go back to normal after you have had the baby
My boyfriend was always very sweet when I was pregnant. Sometimes he would inadvertently hurt my feelings and I woudl let him know, "hey, you hurt my feelings when you said that." Men really don't get it and they never will becasue they have NO IDEA what it is like to be pregnant. You are giving your man a very beautiful gift and he should appreciate you!

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