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So sore it hurts...

3 answers
My breast are really swollen and sore and i need to do anything to make them stop hurting... I guess what im asking is since the only way to get rid of my pain is to "milk" myself. Im 6.5 mths preg an I was told not to by family cause it could ruin my milk production... is it safe to keep milking or no?

answers (3)

Wear a more supportive bra. That might help. I don;t know about expressing milk...I would save that question for the doc.
have you tried an ice pack? or even a bag of frozen peas would help if you don't have an ice pack.
Frozen cabbage leaves. I stuck them in my bra and it seriouly helped the pain. My doctor was really into natural methods and there is something in the cabbage that helps, I don't know what it is but try it. As far as milking yourself, I don't know about the consequences because my daughter did not take to breast feeding. I would ask a doctor about that, I can't imagine it would be okay to do that. I hope you feel better though.

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