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so today this morning i got this really bad back and tummy pain.?

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so today when i woke up to get ready for school, i was tring to reach for my shoes and when i tryed putting them on and i starrted to get this realy bad back lower back pian and it hasnt stopped since and then i started getting this sharp pain in my lower belly and that also hasnt stopped idk what it could be i feel very nasuea and headach and im just in alot of pain could i possible go into labor or what can it be.?

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You could be going into labor. My mom said with my oldest brother she just got a really bad back ache. She was at a wedding and he back just hurt. She came home and told my gram and she said it might be labor and advised my mom to go to the hospital. She had my brother that day. She always remembers her friends annerversary. Call the doctors and  talk to them about the pain you are having and they will have you come in and check you if they feel it maybe labor.You could of also strained your back when bending over, your belly can take a toll on your back. So just call and talk to them.
I would call your doctor or the labor and delivery department of your hospital since you're so close to your due date.
i know i did my mother in law picked me up from school and took me right away when she heard i wasnt feeling good,...

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