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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers. it safe to dye and highlight you hair at 7 weeks?

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my birthday is on the 12th and i will be 7 weeks pregnant almost 8 weeks, will it be safe to get my hair colored and highlighted? or acrylic nails?

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Dying your hair is supposed to be safe because the chemicals don't absorb into the scalp, so there's no real risk to the baby. The main concern is for you breathing in the fumes from hair and nail products. It's not really great for anyone to breathe in those chemicals and the smells may make you sick, especially if you already have moring sickness. If I were you I'd find a good salon that uses organic products to reduce the amount of chemicals you'll be breathing. You can still get your hair done and can get a manicure with your real nails. It'll also make the maintenance a lot easier, which will help you save money for your baby!
Also if you are doing your hair at home find a hairdye that is ammonia free as you do not want to be breathing that in. Garnier Nutrisse dyes dont have ammonia.
noyou are not supposed to dir your hair while pregnant 
The only thing that could hurt your baby is breathing in the ammonia, I really wouldn't reccomend dying/high lighting  because it will make your hair fall out while your pregnant.
Oh yeah! gollymissmolly reminds me of an important point that I forgot to mention. While coloring your hair probably won't make your hair fall out (but it is a possibility), there's no way to tell how your hormones have affected your hair. Sometimes the hormonal changes from pregnancy can have strange reactions with hair dyes, lighteners, etc. Your hair could come out an unexpected color that may not be fixable. And as you progress through your pregnancy your hormones affect your hair more, so it can be even more unpredictable later on.
What v says is true, i home dyed my friends hair when she was 16 weeks and it was suppost to go from light brown to auburn and ended up a a hot pinkish kinda color. The more she tried to fix it the stranger colors she ended up with, in the end she gave up and dyed it black and did through out her pregnancy and stripped it after birth.
thank you guys so much(: 
My doctor told me not to do it anymore, the chemicals aren't good to inhale and also your hair chemistry is different while pregnant and it might not take/have undesirable effects. The same reasons perms dont take on pregnant women. I think it's better safe than sorry in this situation, but listen to what your doctor says. 

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