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Some when did you questions

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I have some questions for some moms on when you did things. Like... My Daughter is going to be 3 in February and has been potty train completely for 6 month. I still wipe her after she poops and I was wondering when did you start letting them do this on their own. I have told her to wipe from the back, but every time I let her she ends up with some in her undies. So I let her sometimes and I check. I am just worried about her getting a UTI. When did you faze out the sippy cups. My daughter is getting a little low so I was looking at some but I do not know if I should make her drink out of a cup more. She can but when she does she drinks a lot less. She is a big drinker so it is probably not hurting her. I do not like straw cups because I am paranoid about the straw not being clean. I cannot scrub it so I feel like it is dirty.(I am odd) Brush their teeth on their own. I let my daughter do some but then I go over them again to make sure. Should I give up my once over and let her handle it(she would love that).

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I potty trained my son at 2 years old and he started wiping is butt at 4 years old, my daughter is 4 and she got potty trained at 3 years old and I still wipe her. My son stopped drinking from a sippy cup about a month ago and my daughter stopped drinking from a sippy cup 3 weeks ago but only because my son stopped, she wants to be like her brother. I have been letting my kids brush their teeth since they were about one but I brush after their done.  I think if your daughter is doing good at it then you can let her do it all by herself.
My sister lets her 2 year old drink from one of the plastic cups with a straw in the top like she would with a sippy, she can still spill water ext, but she learns how to controll it better like a real cup, and at dinner and lunch when shes sitting she drinks from a cup with no lid, she does really good.
My daughter was fully potty trained a few months before she turned three. Her birthday was in October and we're still wiping after she poops. I anticipate needing to help her in some capacity until she's at least 4, if not a little longer.She's still on sippy cups but I've stopped giving straw cups. She just chews the straws and it drives me crazy. If you want to switch to them you can get the Dr. Brown's cleaning brushes, they fit perfectly in straws. Audrey gets "big girl" cups sometimes, but she tends to spill and it's frustrating for everyone.She brushes her teeth on her own and then my husband or I go over them quickly to make sure they're actually clean. She loves it and sometimes just asks us to do it.
My daughter chews the straws too. She has never had a straw cup but once in awhile she will get a juice box can she usually has the straw mashed before the fluid is gone. We do the big cups but as I said before she drinks slow. Which is good because at supper time we have to take away her sippy because she will just drink her milk. It is funny the dentist said to take away the sippy because they sip on it all day exposing there teeth over a longer period of time to the milk. With a sippy she drinks it right down and with a cup she sips on it over a longer period of time.
you can easily clean a sippey cup straw with a pipe cleaner.

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