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someone help, am i pregnant?!

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hi! so my period is a week late tomorrow. and i've had these symptoms: tender nipples/breasts, frequent headaches, manageable but random nausea, i've been more sleepy then usual, had little pinching like feelings in my low right side of my tummy near my hip bone, and tugging pains across the whole lower tummy, i've been extra moody, and a little dizzy when i stand up. i really think that i'm pregnant, but i am afraid to get a blood test at the doctor because i'd be crushed if it came up negative...would a blood test be positive by now if my period is a week late and with these symptoms do you guys think i'm likely pregnant?? my last period was in may, around the 16th i believe..

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No one can really tell you. The blood test will give you the correct answer by now, a home test should also work. I would take the test, all the build up may only make it harder in the long run.  
thats true, thank you. my boyfriend just got me really excited about having a baby so i really want this to work out<3
Remember, when you really want something bad enough, all the symptoms can be there even if they are only in your head. Get a take home test.
Good Luck!
A home pregnancy test (urine) would be accurate by now.  I had crazy symptoms about 2 months before I got pregnant and 0 symptoms the month I got pregnant.  I was 2 weeks late and convinced I was pregnant.  But no.  The month I actually was pregnant, I almost didn't take a pregnancy test except I was on a road trip and I was worried about starting my period on the road.  Anyway, the whole thing about caused me to lose my mind.  Good luck!
With my third, I only took a test to make my hubby happy. Darn it, he was right about something for a change.
I need help too so my period came on the 21 of may it last 4 days as normal I had unprotected sex with my bf on the 28th. He pulled out. My period had came back on the first of June couple weeks early and it was possed to go off on the 4 but on the 5 I started spotting and didn't stop tell the 11th. Then on the 12th my period came back on heavy again but didn't last tell the 14 and it was offically off. On the 25 me and my bf had unprotected sex twice and he came inside me this time but now it's July 13 and I'm 13 days late and my breast are really sore I'm having slight cramps and headaches but I got an negative test. Can somebody tell me what's wrong.

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