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son is 9mths old and popping his jaw... help

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my son will be 9 months old in a couple days. 4 days ago, he started being VERY fussy (non stop crying/screaming) and i just absolutely did not know what to do for him. i tried everything. this lasted for 3 days. 2 days ago, he started popping his jaw. when he does this, he's not crying.. its more like hes doing it on purpose?? i dont know if they can do that on purpose or not but thats what it seems like. Out of no where though, he'll get fussy again and doesnt want anything. I called his pediatrician and she said if hes not fussy when hes doing it and doesnt have a fever, not to worry about it. -is this normal for a baby? -should i take him to the doctor to have him looked at just in case its not TMJ? oh and he has Torticollus, which is a tilt to his head and cant look as far to his left as he can his right. also, he doesnt really like baby food.. hes more into adult food. pretty much everything i eat, he wants too. Any suggestions on this at all? Thanks to those of you that help if you can. I appreciate it.

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If the popping isn't hurting anything, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Some babies are fussy eaters, but as long as the food is cut into small enough pieces and not hard (like nuts) he should be fine.
I know this is a late response...The food issue isn't anything to worry about. Some kids get over baby food faster than others. By 7 months old my daughter refused to eat purees and started eating table foods.As far as the jaw popping is concerned, I'd have him checked out by a doctor. Jaw popping is not something that's normal for anyone to do. My husband and I both have TMJ and our jaws will grind or pop frequently. From what you described about his head tilt problem, it sounds like he may have tight tendons and muscles on one side. Physical therapy should be able to fix it and his jaw popping may resolve. 

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