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Son doesnt want to eat meat anymore..

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So first of all hi all in very new here So this is the situation a few days ago i was preparing dinner and my 5yo son came to me and asked if we were having any meat for dinner i said yes some chicken and he said he didnt want any, when i asked him why he said he just doesnt want to eat meat anymore and this from a kid that just loves eating BBQ-ribs!!! so i thought he might not be feeling well and asked him but he just doesnt want any meat of any kind anymore and i havent been able to unlock any real reason behind it so yeah im kind of stuck i mean nobody in the family or our friendcircle is a vegetarian so i have no idea where he gets it from my question is well have any of you ever dealt with something like this? and if so how did you handle it? should i just turn vegetarian with him or try and convince him to come over to the meaty side again? Also he doesnt have any problem eating fish... I would appreciate hearing what some of you think about this and maybe some could give me a few tips to deal with this because i have no idea what to do.... Thanks the SurfingDad Jack

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It's probably just a phase. Both my older kids went through this when they were toddlers. They grew out of it eventually. Let this run its course, if you are a family of meat eaters it probably won't last long. In the meantime, make sure he's getting enough protein. If he'll eat fish, make that more often. Also incorporate more beans, eggs, nuts, and high protein vegetables (like broccoli) into his diet.
Hey thanks for your answer!!!Yeah thats what im hoping too that it is only a phase and hell get over it soon in the meantime i have to start looking for good vegetarian recipes because i have no idea :) oh wellThank you fro your answer 
I wouldn't change the way you cook. Maybe try to add in some more beans or eggs,  but that's about it. With my kids, I made sure they got beans, eggs, peanut butter throughout the day, but dinners were always our usual meals. If they included meat, the kids either ate it or didn't. After a while they started eating it again. But, through all their picky phases. I have never changed my cooking. We eat what we eat, the kids eat it or they don't. Of course, we try new things, it's not like we eat the same three meals every day. But, not changing to accommodate their phases has actually made them better eaters. Changing your cooking to accommodate picky eating phases is likely to encourage picky eating.

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