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Sons change in eating

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My 8 yr old son went from eating 3 meals a day like clock work to may be eating one meal a day. He says he is not hungry at breakfast or dinner. But he will eat strawberries and candy but not tell later in the evening. He used to eat everything in sight to the point I had to stop him. When he was a day old he had surgery his insides were twisted one to many times so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it or if this is normal for a child..

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Eating habits do fluctuate in children and they usually follow growth patterns. When a child is having a growth spurt, they will eat nonstop. When they aren't growing as much, they won't be as hungry. But, eating just one meal a day is not healthy for a child. He definitely needs to be eating more. Make sure that what he is eating is healthy. Don't give him processed foods, junk foods, or candy. He needs to be eating healthy, nutritious foods, especially if he is eating less. Give him good food to eat, and if he doesn't start eating more soon, take him to see his pediatrician to make sure that something isn't wrong.

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