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soooo stressed out and dont know what to do please help!

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ok so i have been trying to breastfeed but she wont latch on everytime i try to breastfeed she crys and then i cry because i cant get her to latch on and stop crying plus its really painful and i wanna breastfeed but it hurts and she just screams and crys and then when i finally get her to latch on and stop crying it hurts so bad that i cry and then i think she can tell im upset so it makes her cry i dont know what to do i thought i could do it but its so hard and my husband trys to help but it just makes it worse and i just wanna give up but i cant because i gotta feed her and calm her down and she stayed up all night crying and that was just her first night home and sometimes my husband gets up with her but she just wants me and he trys to play with her and talk to her but she crys because she wants me so i cant even take a little nap and i dont know if its my hormones but i have been crying all day and i just want her to stop crying and be happy but i dont know what to do to make her happy i called the docter and he said maybe its colic or gas or maybe because she can tell that me and my husband are stressed out so its making her stressed out but i dont know what to do to make her calm down and not be stressed. please help!

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Have you talked to a lactation specialist? The one at my hospital worked wonders for me. Sometimes it takes some time for both baby and mom to get the hang of nursing.Have you been in contact with someone from the La Leche League? Those ladies have all been there and done it all. They are a wonderful resource.Good luck and happier nursing :)
thank you so much!
personally I had trouble with my little guy latching at the beginning this time around and he woudl get so frustrated and hten scream and it sounds alot like what you are talking about.. I wasnt willing to give up since i knew I could do it.. my daughter is 18 months and we nursed until she was almsot 14 months. I got in touch with the lactation consultant at our wic offfice and she had me try a nipple shield.. it works wonders because it give the baby more to latch onto other then just the nipple. It did wonders for the engorgement that was making me so uncomfortable hope that this helps you as well.. we are still using the nipple shield the majority of the time.. I tried getting him to not need it since I have a terrible time remembering to bring it upstairs and downstairs as we move around but he still seems to need it and hes 3 weeks.. good luck =)
Don't be discouraged.  My daughter wouldn't latch on for about two weeks.  I had to pump and feed her from a bottle and also supplement with formula that my doctor had suggested.  On top of that I also had to try to get her to breast feed first before each feeding.  After the two long, frustrating weeks, my little one lached on and started eating.  It hurt really bad each time she ate but I was able to bear it.  The pain went away after a few days of feeding her.  Every now and then I would be sore from it but I was eventually able to breast feed pain free. I agree with speaking with a  lactation specialist for sure if you havent already.  There's nothing to be ashamed about calling.  Those ladies are there to help and want to help you.  I had a lactation specialist from the hospital help me.  She had given me her card just incase I needed to call and talk to someone. Also, know that if your little one just can't latch on even tho you have been working hard on it, it's ok if she has to have formula instead.  Yes breast feeding is the best thing but your baby needs to eat and so formula is the next best thing.   :)  If it comes to that, do NOT be worried about other moms who may look down on you for your "formula" decision.  Keep your head up and everyhting will be fine.  ...also, keep two frozen bags of peas in your freezer.  They do wonders on ouchie boobies after feedings.  LOL!  :)

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