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sorry about asking to many questions but my doctor switched my dr apt

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first they told me to come in to find out the sex when i was 18wks then they changed it to 17wks and ill be 17wks tomorrow which is ok that means i might find out sooner but my daughter caitlyn has a dr apt tomorrow to because she has strep throat and i wanna find out how my baby is doing because i dont wanna miss my sonogram or finding out if im having a girl or boy but i cant miss the one for caitlyn because shes got strep throat what can i do they are 1 hour apart i dont think i can do both

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You should be able to do both,but will you be able to have someone watch her while you are in your appt.? Maybe have a friend go with you to hers and if you run late you can leave and go up to yours.
I would call the dr. office your having the sonogram. If your peditrition is anything like mine an hour is no where near enough time. Not to mention a strep test takes atleast 6 minutes to give out a result most time. With travel and all of those things, I would try to push one forward or backwards. If your husband can go to your daughters appt it's okay for you to miss it, or like the previous poster said to come and leave. I'm not sure the Doctor will allow a friend to take your place however, HIPPA rules have become very strict. The sonogram place may be able to work with you due to your circumstances. I was in the same situtation except I had a test that went over at school, I just called and they squeezed me in about an hour after my original appt. Just let them know asap! Have fun finding out the sex is so exciting!
i would take her your daughter to the doc if she has strep. that's not something that can wait. your sonogram can wait another couple of days if you cannot make the appt.

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