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Speech development advice please.

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My son is turned 2 in Sept. He is saying all colors (semi clearly) as well as animals and thier sounds (from alligator to bipbobutmis) some words obviously are clearer then others, he also counts on his own til 13 clearly (after he just says teen, teen, teen until he thinks he gets to 20). But because we do flash cards and learning time at home during the day. I never spoke to him in "baby talk" thought it might slow down his mental & intellectual development and I really wasn't worried because he knew and picked up quickly on the fundamental pre-school basics but then I started to notice that he wasn't "speaking". He says basic things but not enough to know what or how to use words to express his feelings (with the exception of ''I'm mad'' which he uses exactly the way he should) or his needs beyond the basics like milk, "arrots", poopy, etc. His memory is mind blowing to me (not because I'm bias as his mother) I try & limit t.v time & try to keep him on the disney channel (And ASOLUTELY NO SPONGE BOB aloud in my house) and notice that he will sing all the songs but not cleary enough for you to understand if you didn't watch Mickey Mouse and Oso 50 times a week. But him & I have conversation all day long & when he doesn't make''sense" I ask what he means or is trying to say but normally we don''t get very far and he either shows me or moves on. He knows words and what things are like trash, phone, toothbrush, etc. but can't place the words in a understandable sentence. It seems when his full sentences make perfect sense they are more like catch phrases like "hey buddy, "Taco get out of the room" (our dog is Taco) and not to many more comprehensible full sentences after that. So I'm just wondering if I focus to much on pre-school basics & common knowledge (which he excels at) and perhaps I'm not focusing enough on everyday conversational skills. Please answer back with opinions or advice. Any thing will be great.I'm in need of advice. Blessings and Good thoughts to your families.

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My cousins daughter didn't really start talking all that well until she was 2 1/2. She has an older sister that always talked for her, so that delayed her speech. My cousin really had to work with her and make her sister stop answering for her and now she is great. (she is 3 now) If your son is talking as much as you have stated, I think he is moving right along at a good pace. Every kid is different but it sounds to me like he is doing well and I wouldn't worry too much about it. 
Your son is just fine. All kids develop at different rates, speech is just another area where kids are different. Your son can talk, don't worry. My daughter is 3 1/2 and she doesn't always make sense or know what words to use. Your son is 2 1/2, it's rare that kids of that age can hold down conversations. You don't need to do anything special to get him to progress, he'll do it in his own time.

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