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Speech issues with my almost 3 year old

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So my daughter will be 3 in February and I am a little worried about her speech. She talks a lot and I understand most of what she says. However I am noticing people who are not used to her have some issue understanding her. I know one major problem is she cannot say her s sound when there is a consistent after the s, like in snack(nack),smile(mile), but she can say it when it is followed by a vowel like same, sock, words like that. I do not know if I should be worried. She also cannot say yogurt and I have tried to help her on that a couple of times. It does not sound at all like yogurt. Another thing she has started in the past month or so is messing up when she calls me mommy, sometimes she will say daddy. She will say "Daddy, Mommy, read me a book" She is doing the same with my husband but will call him Mommy then correct it. Not sure what is causing this because it is fairly new and she has done fine until recently. She is not due to go into the dr until her 3 year check up so I am just wondering. She does not go to school or anything but will start preschool next fall and I just want her to be prepared. She is really smart(at least I think so) she knows most of the letters in her alphabet by sight and will pick letters off of signs and people clothing, even out of books. We read a lot to her and she loves it. She talk nonstop about anything and everything. I am just wondering if this is things I should really be worried about or just normal toddler/preschooler stuff

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This sounds totally normal to me, my daughter does the exact same things. I know her speech is a little behind and the reason is because she stopped talking from about 18mos to just after her 2nd birthday. It can be hard for some kids to properly develop all of the muscles in the tongue to form the right sounds. I know that being a stay at home mom doesn't really help because I understand most of what she says. If she were in preschool she'd be forced to work on her speech more.My husband and I just work with her as much as we can. We try to have her repeat words multiple times to say them more correctly. She gets frustrated easily so we don't push her too much. We know it's hard for her and we don't want to make talking more of an issue than it needs to be. Our solution for the 's' words was to have her make the 's' sound like a snake. So when we were working on words like steak and snake we had her repeat us saying 'sssssssss-teak' and 'ssssssss-nake'. The thing that really gets us is that our 20mo old son talks better than she does sometimes. That has actually helped her work on things a little more.

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