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spoiled ?

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i have a 2week old son. so basically all he does is eat, sleep, & poop. but last night i noticed that after he ate he wont sleep unless he sleeps on my chest! if i put him down he starts crying & when i pick him up & put him on my chest he stops & goes to sleep. . . i know he cant keep doing this how do i make him stop?

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A. It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for a newborn to be spoiled, so you should stop thinking like that.B. Your son is 2 weeks old. He spent far, far longer than that inside your body. You are all that he really knows so it's not at all surprising that he wants comfort from you.C. For right now, give your son whatever he needs. If he needs to be held, hold him. Make sure you burp him well after every time he eats, hold him upright for a while if you have to. I have three kids now. I co-slept with my older two and am currently co-sleeping with my new baby who is almost 2 weeks old. My older two have no problem sleeping in their own beds in their own rooms. They aren't spoiled, they aren't overly clingy. They have great self-esteem and are very independent. I have never hesitated to pick up my babies when they cried, I always gave them what they needed, even if it was just to be held. 
thanks i do hold him whenever he wants & i love the feeling of him sleeping on my chest. but i get so scared when i fall asleep. & i burp him after he eats but he doesn't always burp

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