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I am 12 weeks pregnant and a few days a go i started spotting a little. I went to the hospital and everything with the baby was fine. That day I went to my normal ultrasound and the baby looks perfect. I stopped spotting for 2 days and now it seems like the brown spotting is back. It only happens in the morning. I haven't had sex. I am not sure if it is an infection or not because I haven't gotten my results back yet. Anything to put my mind at ease? I have a fetal doppler and the baby still has a high heart beat. It sometimes burns when I pee.

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During my second pregnancy I had spotting like this at 7 weeks and was diagnosed with a threatened miscarriage. Everything was fine, I had a healthy, full term baby boy. Just wait for your test results and keep an eye on your spotting. Don't hesistate to call your doctor's office or to go to the ER if you feel something isn't right.
It could be a bladder infection. With my first I got an infection so bad that there was blood in my urine. When I wiped there was blood on the t.p. but also in the toilet so when I went in they put a catheder in and found that it was a bladder infection. Got some antibiotics and all was well! Good Luck! :)
Yea but when I walk I seem to cramp, its only when I am in bed that it goes away, its really a pain in the ass :(
it could be a uti, if the blood is brown that is a good sign because that means it is old blood.

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