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spotting and cramping?? Whats it mean..

3 answers
Ok my cycle is very regular, I start the 26th day of my cycle every month. This weekend though I had a little bit of spotting it wasnt really red tho more of a pinkish. And it only was a little bit for a couple hours, then nothing. And the same day I had cramping pains in the left side of my lower abdomin. I had all this 8 days before I was suppose to start my period, which isnt until June 26th. What can all this mean? I have heard of implantation bleeding, but never experienced anything like it. Is that what it sounds like to anyone or whats your opinions.. I am definitly confused..

answers (3)

you could be pregnant take a preg test good luck!
Well if your gonna start your PMS soon then it can be a little early like loralye said pregnancy is possible but, i think you should wait a week or 2 before taking a pregnancy test. because you dont wanna waste your money on something when it could be a early PMS.
I am preganant of 1 and half months, my pregnancy sign is spotting,, but it is stopped after medication then 3 days before I felt severe pain two times,, first just a pain and nothing second time it is pained after 1 hour and there is a spot ,,what does it mean please rply soon

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