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spotting, cramping, can I test yet??

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So I started spotting, pink mucusy stuff last saturday sorry if tmi, which was 8 days before I was due to start my period. I had cramping that day and then having the spotting for a few hours when I would wipe. I am trying to be patient but we did do a test today, since I was due to start either today or tomorrow. I have been sooo sleepy this past week and the past two days I have smelled things that just got to me enough to make me throw up. SO both the boyfriend and I really are thinking that we are expecting again, however the test this morning was negative. Did I just try to test too early, when is it going to be the best time to test, I know first thing in the morning but like after you are a few days late or what? Or since i should have started today or tomorrow and it said negative i should just believe that its right??

answers (2)

wait another week before testing.
I waited five days after my missed period. Although I didn't have all the spotting, I did have the terrible cramping but no period! Of course I waited to test first thing in the morning and it came out positive!Just wait a few more days, I know the wait is terrible, but it's worth it! :)I'm hoping the best for you and your boyfriend!!

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