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Standing when it's bed time

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So my Son has discovered the joys of pulling himself up form a sitting position to a standing position, and proceeds to walk himself around his crib. The problem is he does this when I have put him down for either a nap or for bed time. The other issue is after a few minutes he starts screaming then when I lay him back down, with in 5 minutes he's at it again. Any tips on how to get him to stop, or learn how to sit back down? I have tried the push on his knees but he just steps away from the push. please help!!!

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I should also mention he's 9 months old....
My ped dr told me not to, but I rocked both my sons to sleep almost every night (still do for my 12 month old). I did not have to fight with them and get frustrated trying to lay them down and checking on them every 5 minutes.  I know it is time consuming, but if they were really cranky before naps I would sit them in their exersaucer or jumper until they were ready to fall asleep and at night I would just hold them or feed them while watching the TV until they were out.  Babies do not get spoiled from being held and they will be grown before we know it and we will wish we could still hold them!  My only other advice is letting him stand - what is the harm?  Until he is ready to fall asleep on his own, at 9 months you can put a couple age appropriate toys in the crib with him and let him play until he is tired and close the door if he cries, usually if it is around their normal nap/sleep time, they will fall asleep after 5-10 minutes.  Good luck!
Great thank you.  the issue with holding him till he falls asleep is I have a bad shoulder, granted I do my best, but some nights it's too painful.  I will have to give the let him play till he is officially tired, instead of just putting him down when it's bed time.Thanks again.
Will he not go to sleep when he stands in his crib?My son doesn't always fall to sleep right away when I put him down for a nap. I've learned just to let him be. Sometimes (depending on how tired he seems) I put one or two toys in the crib with him. (Obviously make sure they are toys he can play with safetly without someone being there to watch him) He often sits up and plays with the toys for 5-10 minutes before laying down and napping. I play quiet music for him as well.Maybe try just ignoring it and he might grow tired and lay himself down.
i buckle the baby into the crib so he cant get up.  it is safe though.  look at the following link it will help
Redstilts-  He doesn't know how to go from standing to sitting yet, if he's sitting then he sometimes lays himself down, but not too often, and usually it's by accident. 
Please do not buckle your baby into their crib. That is NOT safe. The item that is linked to in that answer is a changing pad, not a crib mattress. I do not even want to think about what could happen if the baby tried to wiggle his way out and got his head stuck in the strapping. Please do not take that advice!! All of the others sounded resonable and safe. My son, now 2 would play for 5-10 minutes (still does) before falling asleep. Even when I would nurse while we rocked (until 15 mo)They have to just get into sleepy mode. I do still rock him before both naps and bedtime. I will be doing the same with my 6 mo daughter as well. She goes in asleep most times right now (she just cannot stay awake while nursing before bed), but I will get her to put herself to sleep soon as well. Again, please do NOT buckle your baby into a bed, it is just too unsafe.
This too shall pass. Fortunately, babies do learn to go from standing to sitting relatively quickly after learning to stand. Sometimes the crying is because they don't want to sleep, but sometimes it is because they want to sit back down and are afraid to let go. Once you help your son lie down again, the reason he gets back up is that motor development at this age is a very compelling process. It's almost as if he does not decide to stand back up--his body simply can't resist doing it. He is frustrated too! I'd avoid starting a pattern of going in and giving him too much help or attention because then that becomes the reason for standing up. I'd just go in the first time, lay him down, rub his back and sing to him, and walk out. If e gets up again, stand outside the door and say softly, "Lie down, you're ok, go to sleep." From then on, don't keep interacting, just let him cry and get tired and figure it out. he knows you're there, and he needs to learn to get himself to sleep. Make sure he has a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to cuddle and for self-soothing. Once it becomes associated with sleep, your son will have an easier time going to sleep on his own.Lori
Thank you Lori, and Mybabyboy,  Please rest assured i woudn't strap him down, I think that is unsafe on many levels, especially with a diaper changing pad... I don't even use a diaper changer stand because i feel they are unsafe.  I change him on the floor on a pad, or in the crib with an old blanket under him to protect his sheets. thanks for the tips, I do try to rock him and push him a little past bed time, and so far the last 2 days that has helped out a ton, and he is even sleeping through the night.  My husband and I are making sure we are giving him plenty of time at day care, and at home before bed to "practice" new skills. I am hopeful he figures out how to sit after standing soon though, he scares me when he's standing and just leans backwords. Any ideas on how to help him learn that part of the skill?  to sit back down??thanks agian.

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