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Starting solids.

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I was told by one of my friends that since I had gestational diabetes that giving my daughter solids at 4 months could cause her to get childhood diabetes or become obese at a young age. I honestly have never heard of that, ever, but I was wondering if that could have any effect on her health. I think my doctor would've probably told me about that at her appointment, but since I don't know I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask your opinions.

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I have never heard of that. There is supposed to be some link between starting solids early and also white rice cereal and diabetes, but honestly, overall eating and exercise habits are more important. If you think your daughter dandy ready for solids (tongue thrust reflex is gone, she's showing an interest in food, etc.) go for it. You can start with a fruit or vegetable too, you don't have to do cereal. Banana, avocado, and sweet potato are great first fruits/vegetables.

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