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Is staying home all day as a caretaker a bad thing

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I'm a nanny for a 18month old boy. I have been watching him since he was 3 months old. We stay at his house ALL DAY EVERYDAY! I think it is having a negative affect on him. His social skills are not maturing well and he is still not talking...Not a single word! (no mama or dada) I feel it would be best to get him out of the house and into a park, museum, the beach or anywhere with other human interaction. How would I go about asking his mom to allow me to do this and where can I find research to show her that if she did allow it it would be better for her and the little boy in the long run.

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Indoor and outdoor parks and great, even just playing outside and taking him to the store are good activites for getting out of the house.  I would approach the mom bout your concern and then ask her why she doesn't want her to be out in public.  It could be that she is simply unaware that its beneficial for her child, or she could be worried about him getting hurt.  After informing her,  I would still respect her decision and not do anything behind her back. Children who have normal interaction at home should be talking by this age, maybe he could be autistic? 
Has his mom expressed anyn concerns that have led you to keep him indoors? If not, I wouldn't worry about letting her know you'd like to take him to the park, museums, etc. Do you work with him on educational things like speech?

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