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still not taking bottle/sippy... I am so stressed and feel like crying

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B is still not taking a bottle,sippy,popsickle,juice,water,milk,formula,straw,spoon idk what to do anymore, no one seems to think its a big deal cause he is having wet diapers, but they are WAY less than before, sure hes eating baby food but doesnt my son need liquids??? its been over a month. imma go crazy my dr is crazy and seems like she doesnt care so i made a wellness visit to MAKE her talk to me face to face!!!! my mom kept him last weekend cause me and my husband had our first getaway, and she realized how much he really wasnt getting, finally told me i WASNT overeacting! idk what to do please help. I am so stressed and feel like crying!

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Honestly, I don't know. He's not sick or anything? He doesn't have a sore throat? I don't think you're overreacting, I'd be worried too. If he'll eat it, give him watermelon and other fruits that have a lot of water in them. I'd also consider finding a new doctor that will actually listen to your concerns.How many wet diapers is he having a day right now, and how many did he have before? It could be that his body just doesn't need as much liquid right now. As babies start to transition from formula to cow's milk their liquid consumption does decrease, and they start learning to hold their urine more so they don't pee as frequently.
Have you tried cutting back on the solids?  Babies under 1 still NEED their formula/BM as their *main* source of nutrition.  But if he's filling up on the solids, then that might explain why he won't take the formula.
i try formula before i give him solids, im changing him just as much or more cause hes just pooping a LOT cause all the foods hes eating, making his butt red, i have to keep cream on him or it gets out of control. but it is less wet than before. ive just tried so much idk what else to try
If his bottom is red and rashy he may have a food allergy. Is there something new he's been eating? High amounts of acidic foods, like strawberries, tomatoes, cirtus fruits, etc. can cause diaper rashes. Even mild food allergies can have big effects on the digestive system too, which could be part of why he doesn't want liquids.How many wet diapers does he have a day? How many would he have before?
same amount, just let wetness, and he has a rash because he will eat solids so he poops a lot! like 3-7 times a day,
If he's still having the same number of wet diapers I wouldn't worry too much. My son frequently poops 3 or more times a day because of how much he eats and he doesn't have rash problems. Make sure you're using natural products that won't irritate his skin. I use Earth's Best diapers, Earth's Best and BabyGanics wipes, and Method diaper cream. Other products are made with chemical ingredients and fragrances that are very irritating to skin. And really pay attention to the foods he's eating. If you notice any redness around his mouth, or on his hands or face don't give him that food. It's a mild allergic reaction and it will have the same effect on the other end. Allergic reactions can come and go all the time. One day a food is fine, the next it causes a rash. It doesn't mean there are serious food allergies, it just means their body can't handle a specific food at that time.
Try giving him ice chips,caitlyn went through a time where she didn't wanna drink anything so I would give her chips of ice really small. She drinks juices and  breast milk and things like that shes healthy now. Just remember babies go through things where they don't eat or drink or they constantly eat try not to worry as much.
You should listen to your doctor.synthroid side effects

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