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stomach pain?.. stress related?

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im having relationship problems and last night i stayed up. i slept maybe 2 hours. now im at work and i have this pain in my stomach not bad but i can feel it. can stress hurt my baby?

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Stress is not good for the baby.  It's unavoidable sometimes.  I was super stressed this morning...raging hormones, late for work, two kiddos wearing their super slow motion underpants this morning...not a good morning.  I'm feeling the effects of it now.  Does it physically hurt the baby?  Probably not, but does it change the babies heart rate when yours goes up, probably.  I had pre-term labor with my first little guy (the 5 year old wearing the pokey underpants today) and it was stress enduced anxiety, which lead to elevated blood pressure that I couldn't get down, which lead to being on bed rest from 28 weeks until 38 weeks when I delivered...a LONG time to be in bed.  Take it from me, try to stay calm not only for the sake of your baby but for you as well.  It's just not good to get too stressed while preggo.  I know easier said than done, but you don't want to end up like I did.  Take a long walk, read a book, clean, do something to focus on other things for a while.  Stay hydrated and try to get some rest too.  :)
stress is not good for the baby so you should try to avoid stress or if you get upset or stressed just maybe go outside and just take a few deep breaths and just relax for a minute then go back to what you were doing it helped me when i was pregnant my hormones were crazy! i cryed when i wasnt crying i was screaming and yelling and just mad at everyone for no reason but that helped me or sometimes taking a warm bubble bath with relaxing candles lit  or sometimes just going in your bedroom and turning off the lite and turning on the fan or soft relaxing music just stuff like that can help when your stressed out i hope this helps good luck!
yes, it can be stress related, at least that is my opinion! yacht charter

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