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Stopped eating solids...HELP!!!

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My 7 month old son started eating solids with a bang at just over 4 months. Things were going great. In fact, our only problem was getting the spoon to his mouth fast enough! Then, he started teething...hands down, the evilest thing in the world and it takes FOREVER!!! It's been over a month and we are basically putting on broadway productions at his high chair trying to get him to open up for food. All he wants is his bottle suddenly. When you try to give him anything else, he yells and cries and thrashes around in his chair. He'll pop in those little puff things or gnaw on teething biscuits but has no interest in the food I'm trying to feed him. It seems to be getting worse too these past couple of days. Even things I know he loves (pears, yogurt, bananas), he just has absolute disdain for it seems. It's so frustrating - especially because things were going so well. I'm at my wit's end here and my husband is going down with me! It's exhausting and worrisome. HELP!!!! PLEASE????

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My 11 month old does the same things sometimes.  On top of teething it sounds like he's at the "i wanna do it myself stage" which is a normal part of development.  Talk to your sons doctor and ask him what "table" or "finger" food is ok to give him.  See if he will do it himself.  My son when he gets like this, I give him diced version of what my husband and I are eating.  And it seems to work wonders.  However when he's in a mood like what you described all we do is give him what we can, and don't fight him over it, and then give him a bottle right before bed, and on those nights I know to give him his teething gels or pain releiver to get him through the night.  Good luck and I understand how hard it is.  
 Nelliebugz, I would just like to say thank you!  Honestly, I read your reply and cried a little bit - but in a good way!  Sometimes, it just helps to know someone understands!  I took your advice and did my best not to sweat it so much.  I offered him some "big people" food which he seemed a little more interested in than whatever was on the spoon I was holding!   Today was a great day and he ate like crazy.  Tonight, as he refused to go to bed and latched onto my finger, I felt something sharp and hard where gums used to be...the end is near!!!!!Thank you so much for the support!
Is it really a problem to just give him a bottle? The sucking probably feels good on his gums, and the bottle comforts him. He'll go back to eating "real food" soon enough. I doubt this little hiccup is any big deal.
moscrubs   Your welcome.  I hope it helped out and eased your frustration a little bit, like I said it sounds like he's in the "I wanna do it my self" stage  So let him.  Move his high chair into the kitchen where the tile is and let him have it.  I started giving my son "table food" when he was about 7 months old.  tried various things that the doc approved for him to try.  And now he's to the point where if I open a jar of baby food he snubs his nose at it.  he wants what my husband and I are having.  So with the peditricians approval, and guidance we have found some great meals that all 3 of us can enjoy.  And when he's in his "I want nothing" mood, we just sub with a bottle and he takes what he wants. 
OH... forgot to tell you another  trick I have tried and it works sometimes.  Give him a spoon to hold/play with while you feed him.  Sometimes that works with Ayden.
yeah, he's deffinitely old enough for table food, and finger foods. maybe he's just tired of eating the jar stuff. teething is evil! that can have a huge impact on their eating habbits. if he takes a paci, submerge it in water and squeeze the nipple until it fills up completely. stick it in the freezer, and when it's cold enough, pop it in his mouth. gerber makes a huge line of finger foods for this age group. lil' crunchies are wonderful, and they are made with whole grains. the yogurt snacks are a little messy, but they melt in their mouth. ginger snaps are great for him to munch on while teething as well. they will help those teeth cut through the gums. good luck! hope this helps.
Good ideas Pinkpaisley, I agree completely.  Ayden loves his finger foods from Gerber.  We even give him the ravilloi and stews gerber makes, the diced carrots and apples are nice too.  Ayden's enjoys doing things on his own so I try to give him foods that he can.  Ayden didnt' like the frozen pacifires, nor teething rings, I even tried the frozen wash cloth.  So I can't use them.  Hope things are working out better for you  moscrubs.
thank you so much everyone (except EHrun whose comment was rude, judegmental, and unnecessary)!  my son's teeth broke through and he's back to eating like a bottomless pit again!  all of your advice was very helpful.  more importantly, your support got me through it.  being a new parent is full of times when you feel clueless and helpless and completely overwhelmed.  if nothing else, it helps to know SOMEONE understands!  thanks a million!

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