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Strangest reason my 7 year old son has become upset

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I am 26/single and have a 7 year old son. While we were visiting my father/his grandfather, my son was in my old bedroom and found one of my old high school photo albums. There was nothing bad or inappropriate in the pictures, just typical photos teenagers take with their girl/guy friends and classmates, proms, football games, etc. After seeing them he became so upset to the point where he was crying. I looked through each one and can not come up with a reason for his anger. ive tried and tried to ask him why. he will not explain, he simply says he hates them, they make him angry, and he wants to tear them up. That was about a week ago, and Im concerned about it beacuse now just out of nowhere he will all of a sudden say, "Mom, Im about to get mad, cause those pictures are in my head again." Its not funny but I almost cant help but laugh because I am so baffled as to what is the problem?! Any help??

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I honestly can NOT understand why this would upset him. But obviously if it is upsetting him you need to figure out why so you can fix it. I would suggest talking to a therapist, it's a place he can openly talk about this problem without feeling weird about it. I think it would be good for him.
Were there any pictures of you with an old boyfriend? It could just be the shock of seeing you with someone who was not his father. If he is only seven he may still think that you two have been together for well... ever ;) If it is really getting to him I would also suggest talking to a therapist or councillor.
I had the same thought as kelz, that he is upset about seeing you with boys who aren't his father or himself. having him talk to a therapist should help to figure out exactly what his issue is.
Thank you for the insight, everyone :)
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