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stress help!?

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I want to be pregnant sooo bad! I heard that stress effects what are some ways that I can not stress from it? Because I'm stressing out ABOUT stressing out...yeah, it's that bad.

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Stress can effect fertility because it tells your body that the environment is not a good one to bring children into for some people it does not matter at all for a lot of people who try a while like one of my firneds going for acupuncture helped a lot...
acupuncture can help or going to the spa just relaxing helps
Last year my husband and I got pregnant and we lost it. When we got pregnant last year I was not expecting to get pregnant, however there was worry in the back of my mind always about if I could get pregnant or not because I never had. Well after we lost the baby we were devastated and talked to the dr and he told us to keep trying because a lot of people get pregnant right after a miscarriage, yet I never did. So I kept stressing and trying to get pregnant and because I have irregular periods I kept EPT in business but there never was a positive outcome for me. I spoke with my dr about some inexpensive ways to possibly get pregnant so we tried some medication for four months and that never worked, when I went for my yearly check-up he kept giving me other inexpensive ways that I could try to get pregnant and I told him I didn't want them I would get pregnant in Gods time and in His will. A week pasted and I just kept on keeping on there are 2 people in my family right now that are pregnant and my cousin has something on her facebook page showing the progress of her baby, well I went to looking around and came across a blog that gave pregnancy symptoms except they weren't the normal one's so I started reading them and one really stuck out to me. My husband just happened to be going by the dollar tree to get some wasp spray and asked if I needed anything I say yeah what the heck go ahead and pick a test up, so he did he came home and gave it to me. I was to tired that night to do it so I waited until the next morning to do it before I was getting ready for work, so I filled a small cup with urine put the test on the counter took the dropper and dropped 4 drops in the test I watched it and watched move a long, well when I seen a line appear in the test window I was in shock !!!!! I went to my husband showed him the test and said how do you feel about being a daddy. Well the point is when I stopped worrying about being pregnant it happened. Enjoy your spouse, enjoy having fun together, don't put stress on yourself or your relationship for a child, because in the long run your spouse may resent the child because it seems as if it has you’re all not him. Best of luck to you and May God Bless you, in His time.  
There is no real way to "just relax". DH & I have been TTC for 3 years & there have been many, many months we have been stress free about it & nothing happened. I hate when people say just relax. Yeah, okay that will happen!Anyways, I suggest taking up a hobby or whenever you start thinking about TTC force yourself to think about something else. In between year 1 & 2 I became OBSESSED with TTC, so it took me a while to relax. Good Luck!
Like the last post says, there is no way to not stress about things that are on your mind.  We are women and we are human - that is what we do, STRESS!  So, its perfectly normal to stress, especially when you are doing something stressful like trying to get pregnant, which is the case for more and more people these days.  A lot of my friends said they got pregnant when they stopped trying, but I don't believe that.  Did they really ever completely stop thinking about it or stressing about if it will ever happen?  I doubt it.  So, of course you will think about it.  Maybe you can set goals or rewards for yourself as a pick-me-up if you see a negative test (like have a glass of wine or get a manicure) and say to yourself, it is OK to try, it is OK to think about it and it is OK to stress once in awhile!  That is the point, right, to keep trying until you are pregnant. Why wouldn't you think about it, and why is there a stigma around women who have to try?  Good luck, I hope that baby comes really soon for you!  And if not immediately, treat yourself for trying and keep the faith.  =)

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