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stubborn three year old

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my three year old doesn't listen to anyone or anything i have tried all methods of punishments even caving in at times. but all he do is get this lil smirk on his face. i really don't know what else to do at this point. i tried talking, time outs, taking things away and even whooping. nothing is working. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Oh tell me about stubborn, I love caitlyn to peices but she can be the most stubborn and rotten child out there sometimes. Shes only 7 months old and if I tell her to do something I never here the end of it for example, I took her to the park and then it started raining and I said ''come on caitlyn we gotta get in the car'' and she said ''nah'' everytime I tell her to do something all I here is ''nah mama'' and if I try to make her she screams "MAMA!!!!!!". And she picks all the time she trys to put things in her mouth and then if i say no she keeps doing it and laughing. It's a kid thing they love to pick on their moms I guess. Im still hoping she grows out of it. And try putting him in the cornor for 3 minutes if he gets up put him in the cornor. Good luck!!!!
This is pretty typical behavior for little ones. My kids do the same thing all the time. You just have to be firm and consistent. Do not give in, ever. If you do your son will walk all over you. Also, don't use physical punishment. I was spanked and it only made me afraid of my mom. Anytime I have spanked my son's hands it encourages him to hit more. It just doesn't work. He's still young enough that taking away toys or privileges may not work, especially if has plenty of other toys or activities. Time outs have worked with my kids but most of the time just knowing that we're upset (either because of a mad face or a firm voice) is enough. My kids absolutely hate getting in trouble.Can you give some specific examples of the things that he does? You will probably need to use different techniques in different situations. With two naughty toddlers I know all about who to discipline and would love to give you some suggestions for specific situations.
ok so idk about 3 years but i was a nanny and I had a 6 year old and when he was like that i made him sit in the timeout chair and when he screamed and said horrible things to me i ingored him which made him sooo mad! but after a few time he got that we do it my way or we dont do it(by the way i give him choices! ex. he wanted candy at the store, so i told him he could have some we went down the candy isle well he wouldnt ipck any so we went to check out and he got so mad cause i wouldnt go back we were already in line i told him he could have some for right there but it was good enough) when we got home thats what i did... idk if itd work for a 3 year old but worth a try it happened about 3 times and never again!
Giving options or choices definitely works on younger kids. I do it with my daughter all the time. It lets her have some control in her life and makes her less likely to throw tantrums and misbehave. In fact, I started letting her make decisions when she was only a few months old. I'd let her choose between two toys or two pieces of clothing. She's always been very independent and has always been very well behaved. Once my son showed interest in making decisions I started letting him do it too. Now they choose their clothes (from ones that I like), their toys, and their snacks. That way they are always happy with what they have and they get to participate in what goes on in their lives.

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