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Stuffy nose in a 2 month old.

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My two month old daughter has a bit of a stuffy nose. She was born two months early so she is a on a ventilator (or whatever you want to call it) and so it's not really affecting her breathing, but she seems uncomfortable. Is there anyway i can relieve her congestion a bit? I called the doctor because when she gets sick it is a big concern but i got the answering machine. I don't want to be over dramatic and bring her to the ER because she is still breathing pretty normally, but i don't want to her to be uncomfortable. Any tips? Thnx!

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Maybe bringing her into a steamy room. Like turning on te shower, letting the room steam and then bring her in. It can unplug blocked nasal passages. And aslong as her breathing and heart rate are okay i don't think you need to be rushing tothe ER. A quick phone call to the doctor, like you did will suffice. Good luck and wishing you and your family good health!
Bring her to the doctors if it concerns u that much, but a stuffy nose is completely normal, i say unless she has a temperature she should be fine, and just let it go away on its own. i hate it when parents overeact to tiny little things like this, its no big deal!
SuperMom1234, It is a big thing because she is a preemie and she is on a Ventilater and it can get really serious if she gets sick. Plus i could tell te was uncomfortable and i wanted advice on how to make her feel a bit better. And MommaBear5555 i was wondering if a baby can over heat in a stteamy room? Plus, im not sure if i can have her Ventilator around moist air... But thanks guys!
Are you able to use an asperator (Bulb syringe) so suck some of the snot out? I know a stuffy nose is scarey my daughter started with that when she was a couple weeks old doctor said fine, went back a few days later they tested she had rsv, a couple days later she was put in the hospital, she never had a fever. She is fine now but it is scarey when they are so little. I would call your doctor again or maybe wait until tomorrow then take her to the doctor. Try to elevate her head some to help. Depending what she sleeps in you can prop up the bottom of her bed or put some towels under the matress to help raise it up. In the steamy shower it would not hurt your baby but it might the machine. Watch her breathing if it looks rapid or she is retracting (sucking her belly up under her ribs) then go to the ER because she is having trouble breathing. Babies tend to get stuff as their air ways are small and get blocked easy. So there is a big chance it is nothing but I understand your fear. Because of what happened with my daughter when my son was 2 weeks old I brought him in for a cold and had a major melt down in the doctors office because just having a baby, a 2 year old, a husband who was busy at work, and flashbacks to our baby being admitted into the hospital it over whelmed me. It is okay to be scared and worried. Better safe then sorry.
if shes breathing okay and doesnt have a fever then yes, you could let it go away on its own but i went through the same thing when my son was 2 months. he was perfectly healthy but i hated seeing how uncomfortable he was. his doctor said i could use a saline spray which basically made the mucus come out, then i used the nasal aspirator. try not
srry, it cut off. try not to use the aspirator too often, it can irritate or possibly inflame the nasal passages if used a lot. i kept using the saline and just used the aspirator when a lot came out. hope this is helpful and your little one has a speedy recovery :)
Thanks so much guys :) She is all better now, and ican finally sleep better. I just hate knowing that there are more colds and flu's to come... lol.
Thanks so much guys :) She is all better now, and ican finally sleep better. I just hate knowing that there are more colds and flu's to come... lol.

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