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Suggestions on Potty-Training

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My 3 1/2 year old son tells me most of the time when he has to go to the bathroom and what it is- pee or pooh. He even says "Change" or "Diaper". But when I put him on the potty and make him sit there for at least 10 to 20 minutes- he won't go! All he says is "UP Please" and "Diaper Please". I've tried the potty-training before and he is okay with sitting there (when he's used to it). But he won't go). Then it seems like 5 to 15 minutes later, he goes in his diaper. I've even tried letting him run around naked and also just underwear and no diaper-the number of accidents minimizes, but he won't go on the potty. We even bought one of those new toilet seats at Home Depot (with the potty seat in the lid). I heard if children don't like to be dirty (in their diapers) they are easy to train, but not in this case. I need help... I need suggestions and a plan so I can be consistant and get him trained as soon as possible. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks. bbdmom, San Antonio, TX

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What's important is to not create anxiety for him about using the potty. We succeeded with my daughter by putting her on the potty every 30 min regardless if she went or not. Also, postive praise goes miles when he does potty in the toliet. We bought our daughter pull-ups once we started potty training and she only wore the "big girl" pants when she asked to go potty. Then we slowly transitioned into real undies and pull ups at night. Good luck! Persistance and patience is key to success :)
We tried to prepare my daughter as much as possible. I found that the potty books helped, and even Elmo's pottytime video. Slowly she began to ask more and more. We're not completely potty trained yet (she's almost 32 months) but now she's wearing big girl underwear and having a few accidents. Be patient and praise often.

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