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is swimming in a heated pool for atleast an hour okay?

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Think I'm about 10 weeks (going to the Dr tomorrow) and I need a stress/anxiety killer. Can't drink, can't smoke, and can't take long HOT baths. I hate to run but have biked and swam TONS in the past. Don't have horses anymore so a nice long ride is out of the question. So... Can I do laps and laps in a heated pool?

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Depending on how hot the pool is. Hot tubs are usually over 100 degrees and that raises your temp which is not good for the baby. So if there pool is heated to like 80 degrees it should be fine.
im not worried about the temp bc aparently 100 degrees is okay for a bath. im worried about the temp and the movement in water to mess with the plug keeping the kid and all its stuff up in there! atleast in a bath, my legs arent constantly moving!
No it has not affect on your plug! Things are sealed good down there you can swim. Some gyms and stuff have classes in the water for women. It helps take some of the weight off your joints and makes for easier excercise it is not like you are going to be training for the olympics just doing a couple of laps which is good for you.
Swimming should be fine, but stay out of hot tubs. I swam during my second pregnancy and didn't have any problems.

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