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Taken 5 preg test 4 positive and my periods not till sat am i prego??

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with 4 positive results, why are you still wondering? it seems pretty obvious that the chances are good you are indeed pregnant....
yes!! you are you need to see your doc. if you already have + test you need to see your doc. for prenatal care!
Since you can't get a false positive (unless you're on fertility meds) on a pregnancy test, I'd say you're pregnant. See your doctor as soon as possible so that you can get your prenatal care started. You should also start taking prenatal vitamins, and make sure you don't drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. Don't take Advil or any other OTC medications except for Tylenol.
thank you all so much i was getting some mixed results from a friend who is a gyno... But ive never ever had a positive preg test so.... :D
your welcome & oh ha & yah i bet having one is exciting! i just hadd my son & it's wonderful(: let's us know keep us updated!!
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