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Is taking my 2 year old son to my OB/GYN appoinment a good idea?

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I wana get me son involved with my second pregnancy. It was hard to start work and leave him all day with the baby sitter his attitude changed towards me only with his dad he is fine. Now that we are expecting another one I wana make sure he is part of it as well. This appointment is the first one so all we will be hearing will be heart beat.

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My daughter came to almost every appointment I had. The ones where I had to undress she either didn't come or when it came time to undress daddy and her went for a walk. She really liked it and had a blast. I did see a midwife at a hospital, they let her use the doppler on my belly and she "helped" measure my belly. She turned 2 the month before her brother was born so she was younger.
My daughter came with my to my appointments when I was pregnant with my son. He was born when she was 18 months old and at 16-17 months old she was scared by the sounds from the doppler. She even got upset during my ultrasound.I have taken both kids to my appointments this time and they have done well. My daughter is 3 and is very excited to hear Baby Sister's heartbeat, which she says sounds like stomping. My son is 19 months and hasn't been interested in anything but getting into to exam room drawers.Neither one of them came to any appointments where I had to undress or have more than a routine exam. Sadly, they weren't allowed to come to the ultrasound and my husband had to stay in the waiting room with them. So make sure you know your doctor's stance on things like that.
i had to take my 2 year old to a few appts, and it was a nightmare. 2 year olds get into everything. but if you or the hubby want to deal with that, then go right ahead. just don't be surprised at how hard it will be to wrangle a toddler in a dr's office.

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