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tattoo ideas????

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I was thinking on getting one hand print with her name n birthday under it with the hand colored in for her birth month (December) or pink since she is a girl and something around it so it won't look simple but Idk I am not really trying to go with the hand or foot print because a lot of people use it.... any ideas????

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have ever thought that if you split up, will the tatto not give you so much pain?...Thanksbabysitting
i guess i didnt explain myself this tattoo has to do something with my daughter so i dont see my self splitting up with her
i have my sons birthday in roman #'s on my shoulder IX . V . IX
handprints, and feet are both very common. how about waiting until she gets a little older, and get a portrait instead, maybe with her birthdate underneath.
I am waiting until my son is born to see how he acts and what he likes then I am going to decide. I wanted feet with my first son but so many people get that I decided on something more unique for him.
i'm getting a pink monkey somewhere soon. my husband is a tattoo artist, so luckily i get free work. the monkey is for my daughter, who i joke is "half-mokey". she sure as hell acts like one when climbing the walls, and swinging from furniture, lol.
If you are planning on more than one what about a "Charm"  kind of like a charm bracelet but with their birthstones inked in... 
My mom got my name and my brothers and sisters name one her back its like a vine of pinkish purple flowers and each flower has a name under is....all 10 kids
I think that you can find other ways to show your affection. I think that if you have a tattoo it will not look ok when you are wearing day dresses
maybe you should wait and find the best idea. yachtcharter türkei 


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