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teenagers who are still in diapers why

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I was receantly in the bathroom when I heard the door open and a mother ask witch one of you pooped your diaper two girls answered at once I did the mom said ashley you first there was some knowles then the mom said ok now bend over I steaped out of the stall and there bent over the chaing table was a girl of atleast 12 years old yes 12 years old with her shorts around her ankles getting her but wiped by her mom her mom podered her rear and rediapered the girl that was not the worst of it there were two other girls twins itleast 15 years old both of them had binties in there mouths and both were wearing dirty diapers it was the sickest site i've ever seen in my life it stunk so bad why would that woman do that to her children I asked her and all she had to say was there not potty trained and that I should minde my own bisness then she went back to chaing there diapers I am not lieing aboute any of this please help me under stand it

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and that pacifier thing has gone way too far. why does a 15 year old need a paci? they don't! i took that away from my daughter at 12 months, cold turkey, and never looked back. this women needs to have some sense knocked into her. hell, maybe DHS needs to come pay her a visit.
Wow gross & weird. I woulda flipped too-WTH is this world comn to..
that is so weird but they could have something wrong with them that make them not be able to hold their bowls and bladder
yeah, i wonder if mom still wears a diaper too. maybe someone should put her in one, and see how she likes it!
there was nothing wrong with them one of the girls asked what potty training was they really had no clue and the mother was wearing a diaper also it was sticking out of her shorts she is just sick the 12 year old had a visable diaper rash also they probably have to wear there dirty diaper untill they all need chainged that is diskusting by it self
Ladies, I think someone is having us on.
there might be a little bs going on with this situation but if it is true wow
I feal the need to answer your questions every thing I typed is true I don't know how to prove it to any one they would have to see it for there own eyes I have done some reserch on the web and what I've discovered is desturbing I looked on for teens who are not potty trained orn forced to use a diaper and it is diskusting how many children are still in diapers girls and boys I found a women who was maryed to a man at 18 who was never potty trained and is still not she still sleeps in a crib she still uses a pacifire and only aloud to drink from a baby bottle her husband removes her diaper to have sex with her on her chaining table if her story is true that is the sickest thing i've ever read searsly ladys what is the world comeing to what makes people do this to other people these people should be in prison for the rest of there miserable lives please keep comenting on this story all coments are welcome thankyou every one sincearly
I see teenagers with pacis occasionally but it seems like it is a fad that they are trying to be cool. Never an adult with them so that could be why they do it.The girls would have to be home schooled because I believe it is a requirement to be out of diapers before entering school. Not sure on all states though. Maybe something is wrong with the mom mentally in the head and that is why she sees nothing wrong with it.I see lots of parents now waiting til the child is four or five before they start potty training them. They'd rather teach their kids their abc's and 123's before they teach them how to use the potty.
That's just gross! I don't approve when teens wear there pants to low, but thats insane. Do you know the women? Maybe, you should call child services, because soemthings not right here...


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