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My 4 month old son... (almost 5 months) is teething. He cries alot and I have gaven him tylenol and oralgel but it doesn't help much. He hates teething rings! Any ideas on comfort for a 4 month old?

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Try teething tablets. They worked wonders on my kids! You can also get those mesh food holders and put frozen fruits in them for him to chew on. Or you can freeze a wet washcloth.
My daughter was ok with teething rings, but my friends baby didn't like them but he loved Sophie the giraffe. My friend did some research online and Sophie the giraffe was highly recommended. It's right around $20 but my friend swears by it. Check out the reviews on it. They have it on and many other baby sites. 
the only thing that worked for my daughter was beef jerky. we tried orajel, tylenol, teething rings, teething tablets, frozen washclothes, etc. nothing soothed her like a beef jerky stick! if you have a food dehydrater like me, you can make your own. my husband will buy a pot roast that's on sale, and slice it thick. it takes about 12 hours for it to become tender. watch your child closely, but most likely he will just knaw on it until it's covered in drool and his gums feel better.
I always used the nuby nibblers,I froze apples and put them in there. It worked good for my kids.

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