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Teething is awful, even more so when you have 4 teething toddlers. This started at 7 months and has been that way ever since. I thought my kids would not be as uncomfortable and whiny as they aged, that is not the case.They are still teething at 22 months old. What can I do to make them better?

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Teething tablets. They are little miracle pills. I use them any time my kids are overly fussy, not sleeping, or are just generally hard to handle. They are homeopathic, so there are no drugs in them, they do not interfere with medications, and you can't overdose on them. Give them about 30 minutes to work, and if things aren't better you can give a second dose. I like the Hyland's brand. You can find them at lots of drug stores, some grocery stores, natural foods/health stores, and Target.
Thank you,so so much!

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