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i just found out im having a girl!!! soooo excited( husband cried)!!!!! the name we have picked out is melody skye and i love it for it's softness and optimistic feel, but... i loved our son's name too throughout my whole first pregnancy never realizing it was taking on a popular trend. he's name is ayden and i still love it, but i dont love how often i hear it on other children. the point is im hesitate with my new bundle of joy's name cause i fear a surprise trend later. what do you think of the name? trendy or known, but not over used?

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I don't think that Melody is overused, as a matter fact it's not all that used much. As for Skye it's more "trendy" up to date and used more or often. I do think it's a great name and you should go with what you like and love not with what may be trendy and over used later. Don't worry about that. I say if you love it then use it. You are going to be the one calling her name.
I like the name skye but I think melody is old its one of those names that have been worn out.   I like lyrica skye....
Check out the Social Security names database to find out how popular names are and to see how they're trending.I think Meoldy is a sweet name, but Skye is really trendy sounding. I grew up with an unusual name and I've always hated it. I'm 28 years old and I still hate my name. The same goes for my husband. So neither of us are in favor of unusual names, but we don't like overly common names either. We're very, very picky when it comes to names. Just make sure you really think about how your child's name will affect her throughout her life. Is it cute for a baby but silly on an adult? Does it follow "Grandma" well? Does it make a good professional first imporession?
@gollymissmolly Lyrica is the name of an antidepressant...
I  didn't know that, I like the name lyric and the a on the end makes it spunky and sweet at the same time.
i love it! and i don't think its too popular, at least i haven't heard it in a while. skye is a name i wanted to consider for a girl, but i doubt we will go with it because its hard to find a girls name that goes with her big brother's name (jaysen)

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