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is there any old wives tales that are right about telling you the sex?

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what is the gender of my baby?

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Really I don't think so. As with all 3 of my pregnancies there was a mix of answers that pointed to 50/50 chances. As for the tummy shape and high or low that I don't think that counts for anything either as my first son I carrried high and basketball. With the second it was watermelon shape and somewhat high and the third was a mixed shape and very high. They were all boys. Same as the heartrate. Failed for me 3 times. As you can tell I really don't believe that there's one out there that maybe true. But they are fun to guess with. Sorry. :)
If you really want to know then you'll have to talk to your doctor. But it is alot of fun waiting for the big surprise! Just a thought.
I've seen kits in the store that tell the sex. My friend used one and it was correct. (Sometimes its hard to wait for the ultrasound)As far as wives tales..I haven't heard any that were really accurate. sorry

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