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Is there a baby monitor available that monitors breath and heart rate?

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I would like to have a monitor that has video and sound, but also monitors the breathing rate and the heart rate too. I'm worried about wires too, though.

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I don't know of one that has all of that. But there is one that detects breathing. It's very sensitive and you can adjust the sensitivity on it. I have had it with all 3 of my boys. The pad's sensitivity is excellent even on the recommond setting as when my first rolled to the ebd of the crib and wasn't near the pad it started beeping like crazy! The sensor pad goes under the mattress and cord trails behind, no baby will ever find or see it so that's fine. The other monitors you can pass far away from crib as you want. The montior is made by AngelCare. It's not video though, only sound. Hope this helps and you find something that will suit your needs.
Thanks Mommaduck(love the handle btw)! I had seen the AngelCare, but wondered about the sensitivity since it goes under the mattress. And I can see how the wires would be out of the way, but I have a very busy daughter and if I can keep wires out of the area completely it would make me feel better. Wish there was a monitor out there that was wireless, had audio and video, and monitored breathing and heart rates. Call me a paranoid momma, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who worries like that!
yeah, you are a bit paranoid. you need to stop being so neurotic. just get the angelcare monitor.
you don't need all that crap.

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