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Is there an easier way to help a 10 wk old baby move his bowels?

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My 10 week old son has been having trouble moving his bowels for the last 3-4 weeks. I had been using a half of a children's suppository every other day per doctor order and sometimes he would still have trouble moving his bowels. He also would only move them after his suppository. His doctor has now put him on a stool softener liquid he takes 2x per day. His bowel movements are soft and still yellow-seedy consistency. I just don't know if there is an 'at home remedy' to try so I don't have to rely on medicine to do the trick. Also this stool softener was started 3 days ago and has had no poopy for 5 days.

answers (2)

Does is breastfeed or formula feed? If he is on formula, you should look into other brands, because that is normally the problem. If you're breastfeeding, there is nothing you can do. Have they done any tests to see why he's having bowel problems? I would follow the doctors orders for now, but make sure you get more tests done ASAP! The odd period of constipation is normal, but not if it is constant!
Try massaging his belly in a clockwise circle. That may help get things moving. Also, make sure he has some time every day to kick and move his legs. Exercise is good for regularity.Hope that helps!

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