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there is a a little bubble like bumb on the end of my babies penis

4 answers
Since birth I have kept a eye on this and its still there. The doctors said it would go away but its not. I was wondering if anyone else seen anything like this or know anything about it. It look like a little blood blister on the very tip of his penis.

answers (4)

Is the child struggling to go to the bathroom? or is the bump covering the urethra? if not i would not worry at all
if it's not going away, then call the ped again.
If ever in doubt whith what your ped tells you…get a second oppinion!
My son has something similar on his and his is like a permenant diaper rash. when i put something on it every diaper it goes away but if i miss one it comes right back but it doesnt bother him or the doc.

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