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Is there such thing as taking Prenatal Vitamins too Early?

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Im currently on the medication Keppra for the 2 Seizures Ive had, in the past 5 months. I have to be on it for at least another 6 months. The doctors said if I plan on getting pregnant to start taking prenatal vitamins. But me and my fiance, arent planning on it but if I do end up pregnant I need to have the prenantal vitamins in my system so to speak. so Is there such thing as taking them to early? Will it mess up my body or anything long those lines? Thanks to all those that help!

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The FDA and doctors actually recommend women of child bearing age to take multi-vitamins with folic acid (pre-natal ingredient) to keep their reproductive system healthy.  So, no it is not too early to take prenatal vitamins, it doesn't decrease or increase your chances of becoming pregnant if you take them when you are not pregnant.  Most multi-vitamins for women already include folic acid, if you have been taking that type as a part of your daily vitamin.  I believe you would have to stop your medication if you did become pregnant - so you might try to plan or use birth control until you want to be pregnant so the unborn baby is not exposed to your medication.  Good luck!
Yes, varify with your doctor if you want to try to become pregnant as there are some meds that are not safe for use during pregnancy.As for prenatal vitatmins if you are talking and thinking about pregnancy then start taking them. The only difference between prenatal and regular multi is there may be some added minerals or vitamins depending on brand. But the main one is the prenatal vitamins have a higher dosage of vitamins and minerals in each pill, as well as folic acid which is very important in pregancy. One thing to keep in mind when starting prenatal vitamins is there's a high amount of iron in them which some women have a hard time with. But there's ways around everything, if you have trouble talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
I take prenatal vitamins as my daily vitamin supplement. Have since i was 19. They are just packed full of the stuff women need.
I'm only 17, so I don't really know anything about this, but I DO know that pre-natel vitamins are SUPER important!!! My baby sisters (who we adopted) were born at 26 weeks gestation, and the biological mother didn't take any vitamins until 10 days before they were born! 10 days! And now, they face so many difficulties, it's so sad...they are 16 months old, and they need speech help, physical therapy, special education help, they are developing asthma, and so much more. So please, whatever you do, make sure you take a lot of vitamins!

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