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they scare me!

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last nite i had a dream that my baby was pushing on my stomach and u can see bothe of her hands clear as day then it was like she climbed out of my stomach but i didnt push her out from down there but i have dreams all the time about me having my baby but nothing like that. what does it meen?

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It means you're pregnant. It's completely normal to have crazy, even scary dreams during pregnancy, so don't worry. I only have really weird ones when I'm pregnant with girls, my dreams with my son were pretty normal.With my first daughter I dreamt that my belly was like a kangaroo pouch and she was climbing out early. I kept pushing her back in, telling her it wasn't time yet. She kept climbing out so I duct taped my pouch closed. She still managed to get out and told me that even though she was early she was ready. I hoped that meant she'd be a week or two early, but she was almost two weeks late!I had my first weird dream with my current pregnacy last night. I was working, which in itself was weird since I haven't worked in over three years. My baby was kicking and my belly was really stretchy. When she'd kick her entire leg would poke out and I had to grab onto it to make her stop. And then she pressed her face to the side of my belly and I could see her entire face outlined perfectly.
Yeah weird crazy even scary dreams are completely normal. theres a lot going on with your body & a lot of hormones & lots of changes & etc. Dont let them worry you just remind yourself that its normal. I always tell myself this & i tell myself that therese another woman out there having weirder or scarier dreams then me & its still normal

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