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Things to help induce labor?

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Its almost that time ladies and gents!! I will be 35 weeks on Monday and I wanted to gather some things together that can help me go into labor sooner rather then later. I have heard about having sex can start contractions and so can nipple stimulation, but can I get a few more different ways that are supposed to help get labor going? FYI, I do not plan on using Castor Oil because that just seems too dangerous since there is a risk of major dehydration. Thank you so much everyone!!

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35 weeks is too soon to be worrying about going into labor. Your baby isn't even considered full term until 37 weeks, but even that is a little early. Babies born at 37 weeks can still have respiratory and other problems. Just be patient, your baby will come out when he or she is ready. For the health of your baby, there's no need to rush things. All those natural ways to induce labor will only work if your baby and body are ready anyway, they won't get things started if they aren't close to starting anyway.
I understand this, I am just getting a list of things together so when I do get to 36-37 weeks, I can start. I am not betting on it to work right away also. Trust me, I dont plan on doing it until my 36th week.
with my daughter taking long walks toward the last few weeks  thirty six thru forty really helped so did doing kegals.. but with my son i tried everything anyone reccomen
recommended and the only thing that worked was sex.. but i know my son was ready because my active labor was five hours long.. both of my kids were full term. and i can only hope that baby number three will be ready when i am
Trust me on this. Nothing will work until your body and baby are ready. You can eat all the fresh pineappple in the world, have as much sex as possible, walk/run non-stop, do constant acupressure, and whatever else is supposed to work but if it isn't time nothing will happen. I did it all (except castor oil) with my first baby and I still had to be induced at almost 42 weeks. And even 36 weeks is too early to try to induce labor. You really just need to let things happen on their own. If you hit 40 weeks and your baby still hasn't come then worry about using these methods to try to get things going. Your baby needs as much time in the womb as possible.
With my daughter we had sex and the next day my water broke. So when I was pregnant with my son I was worried towards the end that having sex might make me go into labor. But when I hit 37 weeks we had sex quiet often and nothing happened. I even ate almost a whole pineapple. Walked a ton. But he did not come until 3 days before due date.
I agree with v, nobody can stop you from trying everything in the world to start labor but ill just give you some facts. I am also 35 weeks and as impatient as I am I know my daughter will develop 100% better inside of me over the next couple weeks than she will out. At the moment your baby only weighs about 5 lbs and will gain 8 ounces a week until he/she is born. Although they say there are minimal to no complications giving birth this early your babys head is still too soft to travel through the birth canal. These next couple weeks are sooo important to your childs development, so just sit tight and when your baby is ready to come he/she will. I wish you and your baby a safe birth and all the wonderful joys of having a baby.
I agree with the other ladies that you need to just relax and let things happen naturally. Why would you want your baby to come early? The longer they are in you, the more developed and healthy they will be. Just go with the flow and your baby will come when it's ready. 
You are considered full term at 35 weeks not 37.

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