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Thinking of quiting my job and staying home babysitting; should I?

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I have looked at how much I make and what I pay out and seems that when our 5 year old starts school we will have to pay even more for child care than now. So I was thinking of staying home we still have a 2 year old. I just don't know to many people that I can babysit for thier kids. My thought is babysit all day during summer and do before and after school care when school starts. Can anyone give me advise as to if I am just not happy in my current job or if this is actually a good idea?

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no one can tell you what to do in this situation. it's a personal choice that you must make for yourself. however, why is your 5 year old not going to kindergarden this next year? if you want to start an at-home daycare, i recommend that you look at this website.  it gives a lot of info on starting your own in home daycare.
I know alot of people who actually do run a daycare out of their home... In bigger cities and around schools it's very common... Baby sitting a few kids from time to time is ok but once it becomes a regular thing and more than just a few hours you have to get certified in first aid and cpr... you have to register with health inspectors that can check up on you anytime of day and have alot of requirements regarding safety, cleanliness, nutrition, health code standards ect... You have to have added insurance for mishaps and run a filing system for all the children and parents/guardians and alot of places want that in both paper and electronic files... From what i hear it's alot of hard work and not like watching your neighbors kids after school...I'm not trying to talk you out of it... in the end it is your choice... Personally i would get all the info and see everything you need to do then see if it's worth giving up your current job for that... Best of luck
you can babysit your child while working at the same time - at home. be resourceful. you have a computer and an internet why don't make money out of it - blogging, or build a website that offers writing poetry and essays for students, better yet you can put up an online teaching business at home. Start with putting up a website for non-english speakers who are interested to learn english. koreans are crazy about learning english. i should know coz i teach english for them.and if you can bake cakes and pastries why not make one for business? who knows?that way, you're earning money while babysitting your kid.

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