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Third hand smoking exposure and baby

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I have just become a new mom. My little one is currently going onto 4 months old. I have a dilemma where I had put my foot down when it came to visiting my husband's parents home. His dad smokes in and out of his home for several years now so you can imagine the amount of second hand & even third hand smoking that remains in the home. I feel like I am a bad daughter in law for making this decision but I care more for my daughters health given that they breath at a much faster rate thus they would take in the toxins much faster. I want to point out that I have no issues of them visiting us given that he washes his hand when handling her or meeting up with them at the park, their backyard or even at a restaurant but I don't want her exposed to the toxins in the home. Have I taken the wrong approach?

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If smoking occurs in the home, children should not visit that home. You should also be aware that smoke residues stay on clothes and hair, which can be hazardous to a baby or young child. I think you are reasonable in your request that your baby not be in their home. The health of your baby is the most important thing, other people's feelings don't really need to be taken into consideration.I had a similar situation with my own dad, who smoked occasionally and thought no one knew it. I have a very strong sense of smell, so I always knew. After reading about third hand smoke I out my foot down and told him he couldn't smoke before he came to visit my kids. He complied, because he loves his grandchildren.

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