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Third trimester moods - help!

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My wife is 31st week pregnant and so far we've been doing quite well. However, since 2-3 weeks she's getting so angry with me for any reason or for no reason at all honestly. When I ask her why, she says to stop asking her, that she does not want to talk to or see me anymore. It's getting to a point where I am affraid to even say something to her or do anything. Then when she's so angry, she will start crying, then calm down for a moment and everything starts again - vicious circle. I know it is a difficult period for her - very stressed as she's got diabetis and needs to be very careful with food/drinks. Also she's very affraid of giving birth natural way but not sure if caesarean section will be possible so it stress the hell out of her. There are more factors like changing homes at this very moment (all our money gone into that) etc. Basically, I support her however I can but she says she does not need my support, she will take care of herself, etc (of course I do whatever I can anyway). I fell so powerless when she says thinks like that... So my question is if I can blame it on hormons and try to get along? Should I be worried? Did anyone have the same and if so how you passed through it? Any advice would be very appreciated. P.

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