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Threatened miscarriage

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On New Years Eve my fiance Chris and I waited for our Chinese food to be ready so we could spend the new year together at home as I was just shy of being 16 weeks prego. While walking in from the minivan to the house I felt a warm sensation and what felt like an Air bubble passing through my Vagina. While walking I thought am I peeing myself? what is going on? Mind you I had NO discomfort cramping or pain at all. I walked to the bathroom and blood was everywhere and I had also passed a clot into the toilet. Chris rushed me to the hospital where the ER Dr. proceeded to tell me it looked like I was miscarriaging the baby and just left me there bleeding. About 2 and a half hours the Dr. came in to exam me as I was requesting for someone to please contact my OBGYN. He examined my cervix and found that it was not dialated or effaced and that he then will be contacting the OBGYN who was on call at the Hospital. A sigh of relief came about when one of my OBGYN Dr.s arrived and also confirmed that there was no sign of me dialating. My bleeding slowed and eventually stopped I've had an Ultra sound and the baby looks healthy and heart rate was excellent, he was actively moving around. My questions are has anyone had this experience both positive and negative? This is my second pregnancy my first having been 10 years ago in which I carried Twins. I was hoping to get more answers the ultra sound showed a pooled spot just above my cervix with some clotting. The Dr. suggested that my placenta tore away from my uterus somewhat. She also stated me that at this time everything looks fine but I was still not out of the woods as I needed to wait around 7 weeks until they could do anything for the baby. Please some tell me more of there experiences with this as the baby books tend not to mention the worst ( yes which is good) But I am a person who loves to understand as much as possible about my own experiences and don't feel completely satisfied with the answers given. I have been told that My plecenta is Not at risk for plecenta privia and it is not covering my cervix. Hopefully someone can give me some more insite. May your pregnancies all be blessed this New Year. Erin

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I had a threatened miscarriage at nine weeks.  I woke up one morning to find I was bleeding.  It wasn't as heavy as a menstral flow, but was heavy enough that it had saturated my underwear and I didn't have any cramping.  After three and a half hours in the ER and two ultrasounds, they told me it was a threatened miscarriage and that my placenta may have torn from the wall.  They also found that I am Rh negative and so they gave me a Rhogam shot. I saw my OBGYN later that week and she said everything looked fine and the baby was moving around a lot.  My OBGYN said that my cervix was low and it had actually started bleeding pretty good while she was trying to do a pap-smear.  I have had some spotting now and then, but nothing as bad as at nine weeks.  I just have to keep an eye on what I do.  I have found that if I go over a bump in the road or a speed bump a little hard or fast that I will start spotting for a little, but it stops within an hour or so.I would just keep an eye on things and be careful.  They told me to go back to the ER if I have bleeding like a menstral flow or if I have cramping with it.  I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and everything is going well so far.  If you are ever concerned, I would call your doctor right away.Hope this helps.  Good luck!
Thank you for your words of encouragement and I'm taking it easy and I'll keep you in my thoughts as we both progress into our pregnancies.  I still have NO cramping or any symptoms just one day at a time.   
I had a threatened miscarriage at 7 weeks with my son. I had some bleeding and went to the ER. By the time we had gotten there the bleeding had pretty much stopped. I had an ultrasound that showed my little guy moving with a great heart rate. After my exam my doctor found my cervix was closed. He explained that what I experienced was fairly normal, especially since there wasn't much bleeding and it was early in my pregnancy. But, he had to call it a threatened miscarriage. Everything was fine, I didn't have any complications during pregnancy and my son is now almost 18 months old. Some amount of bleeding that gets labeled a threatened miscarriage occurs in about 50% of pregnancies and at least 50% of those go on to have normal, full term pregnancies.

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